Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Book Review for Cure: A Time Travel Adventure by Joshua and Penny Castle

Penny Castle lost her son Joshua in early 2018.  Before he died, he helped his mother formulate this story.  It must have been very hard for Penny to write this book about a mother who would do anything to save her dying son, even time travel where she might not be able to return to the present day, or worse yet, she might day from time traveling side-effects.

The author immerses the reader into a world similar to today in 2018 and then the world sometime in the future.  I don't think the year in the future was mentioned but by inference, I would guess it to be around 2040.

This book is well-written with very little typos to distract from the story.  The basic premise behind the story is a sick boy is dying from cancer, he needs medicine from the future to cure him, and his mother is willing to risk her life and go into a time machine to obtain the medicine at any cost to her physically or mentally.

A good read.  If you like time travel science fiction books, you will most likely enjoy this read as much as I did.  I grabbed the book off of Amazon.

Also if you want to touch base with the author, Penny Castle, she can be found on her blog, "My Garden Crush."

Friday, October 12, 2018

Blog Accepting Flash Fiction Stories

Now accepting flash fiction stories to post in this blog.  It is a great way to get your name out there and with each submission you can include a short two to three sentence biography and a link out to one of your websites, blogs, or books.

The flash fiction stories accepted are in all science fiction genres but please no swearing as many teens will be visiting this website.  Horror and monsters are fine as long as the story is tastefully done.  We reserve the right to reject any story for any reason.

The stories should be less than 1500 words in length and be original, meaning that they have not been published anywhere else.  Flash fiction poetry is also highly encouraged.

Just a quick example from me J.T. Dusky.

Ernie the Kidbot

The monster stood 20 feet tall, and I was staring just above its knee,
I could feel its flaming hot glare on the top of my head.
Was this the end? Could I run fast enough to escape?
I took a step back without turning around, just hoping it would let me go.
Like a mouse backing up from a cat ready to pounce, would this be my last day?
The searing heat on my head became hotter as I continued to step backward.
I could start to smell the foul stench of my own hair burning.
I dropped to my knees to escape..."Please I don't know what you are or
where you've come from but please, turn off your heat ray!"
The metallic monster didn't budge.
I became lightheaded and could feel myself collapsing towards the floor.
As I lay on the floor, the temperature of the room started to moderate.
Beside me, the wooden floor burst into flames and I lay there helpless,
hoping that this behemoth would walk away.
It didn't.  Time seemed to go very slowly.  Was it a minute?  15 minutes?
I don't know.  The burning floor was now just smoking and the smell of ashfilled my nostrils. Just then, through squinted eyes, I could make out a form
walking towards me from behind the steel beast.  As the form got closer, I
could see that it was a child of about 10 years old.
Has Ernie been mean to you?  The boy shouted at me like a child yelling at another
while in a parental role-playing game.
"Yes!" I pleaded. "Please tell him to stop!"
"I can't tell Ernie to stop, Ernie is my daddy!"
Just then the metal monster turned his attention away from me and swung his enormous head with one eye towards the child.  The blazing fire gun shut off and when it did I saw my opportunity.
As quick as a seagull swooping down on a french fry, I lunged towards the child and knocked him to the ground and wrestled the controlling device out of his hands. I then hit the switch on the side of it that was positioned under a green glowing light.  A noise like a room fan turning off filled the air and with that my nightmare was over.  The behemoth, for now, was quieted.

So you have nothing to lose by sending me a flash fiction story.  And, more readers will find you!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Promotion Site

If you write sci-fi or fantasy, you will want to subscribe to my blog.  Last year, I held a very successful book promotion that resulted in more than ten thousand downloads of approximately 25 books.  My short story titled "2018 The Return of Ra had 736 downloads."

The reason I am telling you this is not to brag but rather to get you involved.  If you are trying to promote your book by yourself, it is much more difficult than team promoting.  Anyway, my promotion was on Instafreebie.  Although the ebooks were all given away free, it was a very big success that led to downloads after the free event was over.

So, a big part of this blog will be doing science fiction and fantasy book promotions.  Most of the promotions will be for books that are listed for sale and not freebies.  And, I will heavily advertise the events so that they are successful.

I simply do not have enough time to read and do book reviews for the number of science fiction books out there.  That is a hobby of mine and I don't want it to be too much like work.  So, my events are a great way to get your books seen by many other people.

This is a new blog and does not get much traffic yet.  However, when I run a promotion, I will advertise it heavily on Google and other mediums.  So if you are interested in cross promotion events, subscribe to my blog and in the contact form say hi and tell me about your books.  And, I will keep you informed about all of our upcoming book promotions.  Good luck with your writing career!

Book Review #1 - In Darkness of the Mountain's Night - A Hunter's Tale

In my science fiction blog, I am going to do a lot of book reviews.  So with this being October, I thought I would start out by reading some horror stories.  I ran across a collection of horror stories on Amazon and am very happy that I did.  The first short story that I read from the collection had me turning each page in anticipation.  I dove into each page like a hungry werewolf plunging its fangs into a new victim.

Having said that, the name of the short story was aptly titled, "In Darkness of the Mountain's Night - A Hunter's Tale."  by author Eddie Patin.  It is in his Collection of Horror Grimdark Sci-fi Short Stories.

I can't tell you how long it took me to read this short story as I was enthralled and immersed into it from page one.  I did not even set it down until I read the whole thing.  Maybe it took me a half hour to read, maybe an hour.  I don't know.  But I do know that I loved it.

Patin definitely knows how to use words to express visions and after reading this one I seriously didn't want to go to bed for a while.  Haunting visions of werewolves filled my head like Christmas presents fill a child's the night before Christmas.

I used to be an actual elk hunter too.  And, this short story is basically about hunters and werewolves. If you like hunting stories, you will like this.  And, if you like werewolves, you will like this also.
His story is based in the American state of Colorado.  I hunted the state of Wyoming which is very similar so I could totally relate to the story.

In summary, I will definitely be reading more from author Eddie Patin and can't wait to finish his short story collection.  So give him a chance, he is a very good indie author.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Telepathy: Truth or Fiction?

In my novel Solarity, the United States Government is trying to develop spies with telepathic abilities.  So what do you think?  Is telepathy possible in the year 2018 and would the governments of the world try to keep this technology to themselves?

Many people say that they hear voices in their heads from time to time.  Could this, in fact, be other peoples thoughts?  Anyway, I do believe that I have some telepathic abilities and am looking for others that think they might have this ability also.

Many years ago I met a very old man that gave me a telepathic test.  I passed the test with flying colors and he was sure that I am telepathic.  I remember the test and I have put together my own to test other people.  I am not saying that it is perfect but it is a good test to see if you are telepathic with me.  Perhaps, you are telepathic to other individuals and not me.  If so, you probably won't pass my test.

I believe that just like a baby learns how to talk, people can learn telepathy.  It just takes practice and sometimes a lot of it.  So if you are interested in telepathy and would like to join me in my study and perfection of it, email me and I will start sending out information.

Mind transference...possible???  I believe so!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

J.T. Dusky Can Write Romantic Love Poetry?

I was filled with the spirit of love and wrote a book of love poetry.  It will soon be available on Amazon and I enjoyed writing it.  I am just taking a few weeks to go through and edit each poem and make them a little better.

The poem book is approximately 7000 words long and contains quite a few short love poems inspired by the great King Solomon in the Bible.  I wrote them while I was apparently under some wild love spell because they turned out, in my opinion, quite well.

Perhaps, I can turn a few of them into actual song lyrics and learn how to play the guitar over this long winter.  Maybe I can be the next Roy Orbison?  Actually, I can't sing that well but I might give it a try.  Life is short and it is enjoyable to try new things.

So look for my book of love poems to be out sometime towards the end of 2018.  Here is the book cover.  I hope you like it!

So What? I'm an Alien...

This stuff is straight out of a science fiction movie with the exception of one thing, it is real.  Yes, it is true, much of the stuff in my novel Solarity is non-fiction.  There is quite a bit of fiction in it also so I wanted to write this post and clear things up for many of you that questions pertaining to the novel.

First things first, to my knowledge the prequel to Solarity is 100 % fiction.  There was no secret alien base in Australia that was blown up in order to conceal what was taking place there.  As far as I know, the part where the aliens were helping Lassiter develop telepathy is fiction.  However, there is a lot of non-fiction in the novel Solarity that probably should have been written down in a separate non-fiction book.

As you could guess, this post is full of spoilers.  If you have read my short story Lassiter and the subsequent novel Solarity then you will know what I am talking about.  But, if you have not, this post is going to ruin some of the stuff found in the books.

It all began when I was born actually.  My father lived on Norcross Road in Belle Valley, Pennsylvania when he was young and then met my mother and they moved to Davison Avenue in Erie, PA where I was raised as a child.  I was not born on Davison but rather in a hospital in Erie Pa and then taken back to the house on Davison.

Anyway, "Norcross" in the English language does mean "northern cross."  Specifically, it means "from the North Cross roads."  Now, in order to understand who I really am, you have to look at where my father came from.  This process of analysis I have coined as "typesetting."  Typesetting is the analysis of birth dates and other pertinent information about a person in order to arrive at the conclusion of who the person really is.

To my knowledge, I am the first person to actually be typeset back to an ancient alien god.  So let's get down to the brass tacks of it.  I mean, since I am claiming to be an ancient alien god, I had better have proof, right?

Well, I have plenty of proof.  But you have to be a little open-minded to see it unfold.  Stick with me here because I know who I am.  I will be able to get it across to you somehow.

When you are dealing with ancient gods, you are dealing with beings that can alter time, places, events, and most anything.  For example, what you perceive to be one minute of time could actually be many hours to an ancient god.  Just like an atom can be split (and you can't see it with the naked eye) time can be split and hesitated in order to achieve a means to an end.

Having said that, the ancient aliens, or gods, if that is what you want to call them, know where and when you are going to be born.  My father was born on Norcross Road in order to illustrate to me the mythological (or was it for real truth?) story about the god Zeus turning into a beautiful swan and seducing Leda.  The constellation Cygnus contains the Northern Cross. Now, in Greek Mythology, Cygnus represents Zeus when he shapeshifted into a swan to seduce Leda.  Whether you believe in ancient gods calling themselves the old greek names is really not important.  What is important is that you follow me through what I am coining "typesetting"  the use of this information to locate and educate me as to who I really am.  

I believe that through many incarnations on this planet, we forget our past.  It is hard enough to try to remember what we did 20 years ago, let alone thousands of years ago.  If you took all of your lives and put all of the memories together, no human brain would be able to contain the information and pure insanity forever would follow.  With each life we gain more knowledge and may retain some past knowledge also that helps us evolve mentally.  A new revolution is on the horizon.  That knowledge will be typesetting and people will have the ability to figure out who people really were in the past because of it.  

Another question I must pose is this one:  Have you ever worked with video editing or music software where you can essentially change the length of your project in order to do fine improvements?  For example, if you stretch out a ten-minute video, you will be able to cut out pieces here and there that you would not have been able to if you didn't slow it down.

This is how an ancient god works.  He sees our entire life from start to finish and can modify some stuff in between.  My mother and father moved to Davison Avenue before I was born.  In the year 1974 when I was eight years old, I had my UFO encounter.  I really don't talk about it much in Solarity but the spaceships that came down and hovered over my street could no way be human in nature.  They were solid bright white light like miniature suns and they came down and formed a three-sided pyramid above my head.  A minute or two later, they zoomed off in opposite directions and then they met together very high up in the sky.  So, I really did have a UFO encounter and this part of the book is non-fiction.  But to my knowledge, I have not met the telepathic women yet.

Anyway, roughly one year after my UFO encounter, an Apollo asteroid was discovered and they designated it 4015.  That really was my address on Davison Avenue.  Now, if you know your ancient gods, Apollo is the son of Zeus or Jupiter.  So this fact in my book Solarity is also non-fiction.

Now, the part in the book where I talk about the movie Stargate.  The actor who played Ra really is Jaye Davidson.  When dealing with ancient gods, Apollo and Ra were seen as the same god.  They both were solar gods and that is why I named my novel Solar-ity.  This is a fact:  Davidson and Davison are equals, they are just variants and mean "David's Son." 

So, did I really come through a portal like in the movie Stargate?  I believe that I did but I did not do it immediately following my UFO encounter.  It was many years later I had a very vivid dream of being sucked through a blue wormhole.  Now is this fact?  Only to me so you can take it or leave it.

You see I believe that many of us are time traveling at the same time.  I believe in the physical body and the spiritual one.  The spiritual one has the ability to go through time and space.  Meaning that what you dream tonight could have really taken place somewhere in time.  Many, many years ago even.  

Other examples in my novel can be easily verified as factual.  It is true that my father did build his house on a road called Delphos and Delphos in greek mythology is the son of Apollo.  I believe the gods were helping him do this and that my son, (and so far I do not have one) was going to be able to visit him here.

Anyway, as crazy as it may seem to you, I still have nightly visions of walking and talking in a different language on a sandy beach next to rocks by the ocean and porpoises and whales surface.  Am I really the ancient god Apollo (or in Egyptian Ra)?  Yes, I believe so.  So what?  I'm an alien.

Many of today's hottest stars have helped me find myself in 2018.  I listed them in my "End of the World 2061" short story but will cover them here for you also.

This is example one:  Lady Gaga represents Leto

Lady Gaga was born the same day as my real mother.  In her music videos, she often displays thunderbolts in reference to Zeus.  She also has invoked Apollo in a song or two. 

This is example two:  Stevie Nicks represents the goddess of the moon Nyx

Just watch Fleetwood Mac's song the "Seven Wonders" and you will notice two things.  The throne of Zeus and that Stevie is wearing moon earrings representing the goddess Nyx. 

This is example three:  Sheryl Crow represents "the sacred white crow of Apollo"

Sheryl Crow is white and represents the story of Apollo and Coronis.

This is example four:  Madonna represents Leda.  She rides a huge swan in her video "Express Yourself"

This is example five:  Celine Dion represents the goddess "Selene" goddess of the moon and she has a mansion in Jupiter (Zeus) Florida.  She sings her beautiful version of the titanic under the moon.

This is example six:  Charlize Theron represents ancient greek goddesses associated with animals.  One of your chief causes is to promote animal welfare.  Potnia Theron

This is example seven:  Sandra Bullock was born the same day as my father.  The white bullock was sacred to Jupiter or Zeus.  Sandra represents the story of Europa and Zeus.

There you have it.  Proof that certain individuals on this planet are demi-gods or you can call them ancient gods or aliens.  I can offer more examples so if you are interested, please subscribe and comment and thanks for reading my books!